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Cómo hacer para que tu clínica esté orientada al bienestar del paciente

Fuente: The European Fertility Society

  1. Trustful communication 

Your website is your window to the world. Make sure it reflects your compromise with patients, your truly success rates and what patients can expect from you. Nowadays the virtual communication is essential in a fertility journey. Be sure you are adapted to it.

2. Facilities Fertility patients-oriented

Fertility patients need to feel comfortable in the clinics’ facilities. They will appreciate not being mixed in their waiting room with pregnant women, donors, or patients with other needs. A calm environment with an organized and helpful health team makes the difference.

3.Emotional support from all the staff

Emotional support is a matter of the whole team. Train your fertility staff to make it happen. Patients need a holistic fertility care.

4.Diversity apply tailor-made approach

Not all fertility patients need the same at the same time. Foreign patients, national patients, heterosexual couples, single patients, lesbian couples, gay couples, all of them require specific care according to their unique situation, make sure you take care of all of them as they deserve.

5.Qualified team train and develop your team

Having a qualified and scientific updated health team is essential to build trust and confidence on patients.

6.Positive experience treat with a care and understanding

Even if fertility patients want good results in a short period of time, it is known that it cannot be assured. What can be assured is a positive experience during their journey. Support their needs, give them time to decide in difficult situations, and demonstrate that you care.